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HR That's Focused on Growing Your Business

About ZumanHR

ZumanHR was founded in 2012 with a simple mission: to transform the people operations management experience and help companies grow and scale their teams. As we watched the Human Resources industry evolve, we saw the need for a premium HR solution that combines both software and expert service with a personalized touch and quality customer service. We saw firsthand the necessity for an employee-centric service that makes it easy to access the right tools and expertise in one place when it comes to HR and benefit matters.
We decided to combine our collective experience to create a new kind of company that gives you exactly that: a single-source solution built from the ground up by experts with decades of experience with HR-related systems as well as a deep understanding of the employee lifecycle. The result is ZumanHR.
ZumanHR focuses on helping companies find the right solution for their needs, and that means that our premium software and service offering is not right for every company. ZumanHR was designed specifically for companies that plan on scaling and that want to outsource to a single solution without the constraints of co-employment. Additionally, since ZumanHR understands that every business has its own set of unique needs and requirements, ZumanHR is not based on the PEO model. Instead, we design and configure our technology to match each clients current and future needs, giving our clients the control and flexibility they need to design their people operations processes.
ZumanHR’s single-source solution was designed with the intent that it would help modern HR, Finance, and payroll professionals scale their organizations and provide real value to employees. The ZumanHR solution is designed to meet each organization where it is, while providing employers with service as their needs change throughout their companies’ lifecycles.
ZumanHR’s customer-centric technology combined with our expert, concierge services, enables you to synchronize your human resources and finance teams to deliver exceptional service to your valued employees.