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BenXsys: a SaaS Platform for Administering Association Health Plans

What is BenXsys:

  • BenXsys is a revolutionary software-as-a-service (SaaS) product for Association Health Plans (AHPs), the insurance brokers who support AHPs, the insurance carriers who service the AHPs and the participating employers of the AHP.  Learn more…

BenXsys: 6 Key Benefits

1. Streamlines high-integrity data feeds to insurance carriers. Serving as a “front-end screen” to the carriers, BenXsys helps ensure that carriers receive accurate and timely data.  More efficiency means lower costs to the carriers.

2. Increases company membership in the Association’s AHP. BenXsys revolutionizes the AHP space by accepting carrier-bound data from all benefit enrollment platforms, so all companies can join the AHP.  This makes Association membership “stickier” as a result of access to superior-priced health plans.

3. Increases broker revenue. BenXsys is “platform agnostic,” which means more companies, especially the more attractive, larger ones, can join the AHP without giving up their current benefit enrollment platforms; thus, increasing overall commissions.  Furthermore, BenXsys offers multi-broker access for situations where more than one broker sells into the AHP.

4. Lowers costs. BenXsys software replaces large teams of people downloading, splitting and pushing spreadsheets among insurance carriers and participating employers.  So BenXsys is not only more efficient, it lowers the risk of human error and subsequent liability.

5. Facilitates better insights and transparency. For AHPs and brokers, BenXsys offers comprehensive data dashboards to illustrate what’s happening with each and all the participating employers.

6. Offers a superior experience for participating employers. Instead of receiving various and separate spreadsheets every month, BenXsys provides “all in one,” comprehensive summaries from all the relevant insurance carriers.  Further, BenXsys provides “self-bill” details, making it easier for participating employers to keep their employees properly covered.

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