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Helping you accelerate people operations


ZumanHR was built for modern human resource, finance, and payroll professionals who want to accelerate people operations and improve business performance. ZumanHR’s customer-centric technology combined with our expert, concierge services, enable you to synchronize human resources and finance teams to deliver exceptional service to your valued employees.

For Human Resources

As a human resource professional, your vision is to deliver exceptional business value to your organization by focusing on attracting and retaining the top talent that directly impacts your company’s top and bottom line. But you have to contend with day-to-day obstacles such as the disconnected, inefficient systems that require duplicate data entry and unnecessary work, which then creates poor user experiences for your employees. ZumanHR was designed to provide automation and expertise to today’s human resource professional, so you can be more strategic while ensuring that HR services are provided and compliance requirements are met with speed, accuracy and visibility.


For Finance

As a finance professional, your vision is to deliver maximum business value to shareholders by deploying innovative cloud solutions across the enterprise that deliver predictable results, drive efficiency, mitigate risk, and control costs. But if your current HR solution is made up of two completely disparate systems requiring duplicate and error-prone data entry and giving you a total lack of insight, then your system is working against you. ZumanHR gives you, the modern finance professional, a single system of record that delivers: real-time HR data and analytics, robust reporting, effective dating for clear audit trails, and up-to-date information on local, state, and federal payroll tax and benefits changes. ZumanHR provides a human resource solution with the necessary transparency, accuracy, and compliance to effectively scale your organization.

For Payroll

As a payroll professional, your vision is to build world-class payroll processes that deliver accurate and timely results to your workforce. You want to focus on driving efficiency while providing optimal service to your team. However, multiple systems and disparate HR data are making what you do every day a lot more inefficient. ZumanHR was designed for the modern payroll professional who understands the dependencies between human resource, payroll, and benefits administration systems. Our single-source solution empowers payroll professionals to streamline processes and deliver flawless payrolls.

For Employees

As an employee, your expectations are pretty straightforward – let me do what I do best with minimal distraction. You want your human resources department to be progressive and give you the information you need in order to make easy and simple decisions for you or your family. ZumanHR provides you with the convenience to manage all of your HR data in one place so you can focus on what matters most — your work.


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