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Move Out of Your PEOs Basement – Click Here to Download

Find the Right HR, Payroll and Benefits Outsource Solution that Reflects Your Company Size, Growth, and Culture

Zuman’s premium solution and service offering is for any small to medium sized company that is using a PEO or outsourcing HR, payroll or benefits administration. Our single-source solution was purpose-built for modern HR, finance, and payroll professionals who want to scale their organization and provide real value to employees.

PEO solution could be right if you are just starting your business and have no plans to scale. But as you grow, this model is cost prohibitive especially when you want more control over payroll, benefits, and HR decisions.

Zuman: Built for Growth

Zuman was designed for companies that plan on scaling and want to outsource to a single solution without the constraints of co-employment. Our cloud-based HRIS system can support your evolving requirements around human resources, payroll, benefits administration, and talent management. Our expert services can be customized to work with your current team as your internal needs change, providing you with greater flexibility and control.

The Zuman Solution is designed to meet your organization where it is, and provide service as your needs change throughout the company lifecycle.