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What Is Workforce Management Software?

What Is Workforce Management Software and Why You Need One. Find Out Here.

Highlights Managing a workforce is a challenging task. And there are many ways to organize your team: by tasks, by hours, etc. However, the difficulty of assigning shifts, keeping track of employees’ work hours, and complying with various work regulations means that some help is needed. The most effective solution is workforce management software or […]

Bitcoin and the Future of Your Paycheck

If one were to look at the history of how people have gotten paid, or paid for goods and services, (See Wikipedia and other references) you will find that through history, there have always been changes or shifts in what one would accept as payment. From bartering to the transfer of legally tendered paper or […]

The Shifting Role of the CFO

The business world has changed dramatically since the recession, and the specific role and responsibilities of the chief financial officer have evolved as well.