Transforming HR for Better People Operations

Zuman was founded in 2012 by former key members of the executive team at TriNet (NYSE:TNET). Working together for over a decade, they were instrumental in successfully creating and bringing to market solutions that changed the way businesses handled HR. Today, they focus on industry challenges facing the modern workforce, providing a new, single-source HR solution to replace siloed products.

Zuman’s employees have extensive experience in designing, developing, and managing HR systems, processes, and services for thousands of growing companies throughout the United States. This experience allows Zuman to provide expert support to clients while developing customer-centric solutions that simplify and streamline people operations.

Michael Brophy

Michael is the Divisional President for Zuman. He joined Zuman after serving the past seventeen years selling HRO solutions with Aerotek, Sabre Holdings, KnowledgePool, Insperity, and TriNet. Michael has a BS in Business Administration from Louisiana State University.

Michael lives and breathes LSU football. He awakes each morning to Touchdown for LSU, jumps out of bed and runs down the street thinking it’s Victory Hill. Good thing he has his pajamas on.
Michele Haugh

Michele is the Senior Director of Human Resources & Client Services for Zuman. She joined Zuman after serving as the Director of HR for Apothecary Products. She has held a variety of roles in HR over the past fifteen years with SuperiorHR, IMPACT People, Paychex, and Kelly Services. Michelle has a BS in Management Science and Human Resources from the State University of New York at Geneseo.

Michele exercised her spirit of adventure when she moved to Thailand for two years with her family. They explored bat filled caves in the Andaman Sea and rode elephants through the jungle. Another favorite activity was hitting the local markets for unique finds like this statue, whom she fondly refers to as “Thai Guy”.
Holly Thomas

Holly is the Director of Payroll & Tax Operations for Zuman. She joined Zuman after serving the past fifteen years in amendments, tax filing and research with ProBusiness and ADP.

Holly loves baking. Her baking skills started when she was seven years old making and selling cupcakes to her neighborhood friends. The selling part did not go to well as she ate most of her profits.
Gina Creson

Gina is the Senior Manager of Business Analysts for Zuman. She joined Zuman after serving the past twenty one years in human resources at the Men’s Wearhouse.

Gina is an accomplished snowboarder. She recalls her first stint snowboarding where she was rescued by the ski patrol after tumbling down the mountain and landing in between another skier’s legs. The things people do to get a date with the ski patrol.
Delores Krishna
Delores is the Manager of Implementation for Zuman. She joined Zuman after serving the past eleven years in human resources with The Men’s Wearhouse and ThinkHR. Delores has a BS in Business Administration from California State University, East Bay.
Delores is a die-hard 49er fan. She is keenly aware of the great quarterback history in San Francisco, including Y.A. Tittle, John Brodie, Steve Young, and Joe Montana. In this photo Delores is teaching Colin Kaepernick how to throw a pass to the correct team.
Sri Tennety
Sri is the QA Manager for Zuman. She has worked as a QA Lead for companies such as Wells Fargo, Equinix, and Apple for over eight years. She received her Master’s in Biotechnology from the University of Hyberabad.
Sri is a world traveler who frequents tropical destinations. The statue in her hand is a Mayan relic she found in a souvenir shop in Cancun that supposedly wards off potentially evil bugs in Zuman’s software.
Fabiola Avila

Fabiola is the Manager of Business Development for Zuman. She joined Zuman after serving the past eight years selling HRO solutions with Aerotek and ADP.

Fabiola is a movie buff and loves watching flicks from the 80’s. Her all-time favorite is the cult classic The Goonies. She has won numerous dance awards for her version of the Truffle Shuffle.
Luis Arias
Luis Arias is a Payroll Operations Supervisor for Zuman. He served honorably in the United States Marine Corps, and has ten years of experience at Paychex. Among his positions at Paychex his most recent was Supervisor of Enterprise Services. Luis received an associate’s degree in Business Software Applications.
Luis is a retro gaming system collector! His most prized console is a 28-year-old Nintendo, still in working condition. He applies his vast knowledge of gaming to the workplace and uses button mashing combos to K.O. payroll challenges.
Devraj Grewal
Devraj is the Marketing Operations Manager for Zuman. Devraj has a BA in Psychology and a BA in Communication from the University of California, Davis where he is also currently an MBA Candidate.
Devraj is well-known for being extremely selective when it comes to TV and movies and one of his favorite genres is fantasy. Here we can see Devraj preparing to hack and slash his way through marketing data with his mighty sword Excalibur.
Joele Camicia
Joele is a Client Success Manager for Zuman. She joined Zuman after serving the past sixteen years in payroll and human resources with Albertsons, ProBusiness, bebe Stores, Inc., and Service Champions. Joele is CPP certified and has a BS in Health Science from California State University, East Bay.
Joele has been dancing her entire life. Her favorite Jazz dance moves are on full display in the office - which includes a Jazz Walk followed by the Grapevine for her trips to the printer and the Pirouette turn whenever she ends a call with a client. She ends every workday with a bow for her amazing dance moves and client service – Bravo!
Alexis Cantrell

Alexis is a Benefits Specialist for Zuman. She joined Zuman after serving the past three years in human resources with Angels of Care and SuperiorHR. She holds an Associates of Science degree in Criminal Justice and Forensic Science.

Alexis digs hanging out at the beach. Her favorite activities are working on her tan, beachcombing, building exotic sand castles, and people watching. Fun, fun, fun in the sun!
Shannon Stakes

Shannon is a Human Resources Consultant for Zuman. She joined Zuman after serving the past twelve years in human resources with The Arc of San Diego and SuperiorHR.   Shannon is SPHR certified and has a BA in Business Administration and Management from Cal State San Bernardino.

Shannon is a Food Network junkie. Her true conspicuous consumption is buying expensive cupcakes and devouring them in less than ten seconds. Her family hopes she doesn’t acquire a taste for UK’s Luxe Gold Cupcake which cost $1,227 each!
Janel Yessian
Janel is a Human Resources Consultant for Zuman. She joined Zuman after serving the past eighteen years in human resources with Payless Cashways, Lowes, Michaels Stores, Torchmark Corporation, and SuperiorHR. Janel is PHR and SHRM-CP certified and has a BS in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix.
Janel has been skiing since she was seven years old. During her days living in Colorado you could often find her shredding at Breck. One of her bucket list items is to travel Europe and spend most of her time skiing in the French Alps.
Lindsey Tenneson
Lindsey is a Client Success Manager for Zuman. She joined Zuman after serving five years in account management and client service, and seven years in the banking industry with Bank of America. Lindsey graduated from Humboldt State University with a BS in Business Administration.
Lindsey could be the San Francisco Giants biggest fan. She arrives at the games as early as possible so she can watch them practice and collect autographs from the players. While not watching the games Lindsey is busy hitting her client’s concerns out of the ball park.