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Partner with Zuman to simplify HR management for your clients


For Brokers

As a trusted advisor, you want to refer only the best to your clients. As the premium single-source solution for human resources, payroll, and benefits administration designed for your top clients, Zuman fits the bill. Companies with high-value employees appreciate Zuman’s personalized, concierge-style services supporting human resources, payroll, and benefits administration. Protecting your relationship with clients is paramount to your business and our solution was designed to work effectively with brokers. Zuman commissions provide significant revenue opportunity plus security for your existing premium commissions. If you provide benefit recommendations to your business clients, partner with Zuman to:

Build Tighter Client Relationships

  • Premium, cloud–based HR service
  • One place for clients to get HR–related support from credentialed experts
  • Demonstrate your leadership in the industry with the latest technology

Simplify HR for Your Clients

  • A single system for human resources, payroll, and benefits administration
  • Premiumlevel solution without the IT investment
  • Meet compliance requirements with ease and confidence

Uncover New Opportunities

  • Get proactive, analyzing data to build service
  • Spend more time building relationships, less on administrative tasks
  • Simplify client operations, and build confidence in your advice

Build Profits

  • Protect your relationship with clients, working with a noncompeting HR partner
  •  Simplify benefit plan administration
  • Implementation and service subscription fees

Let’s talk about how you can bring more value to your clients.  Call us today at 925-463-2800 or send an email to

Zuman’s partner program for insurance Brokers: Revenue and service that builds client relationships

Through the Zuman partner program, you have the potential to build revenue streams that you thought were a thing of the past. Welcome to the new chapter in your insurance Broker playbook.


Provide the Services that Keep Clients Coming Back

In today’s competitive environment, you need to offer your clients a full package of human resource, payroll, and benefits options. Online insurance providers, like Zenefits, promise much but deliver little. Give your clients the premium service that will keep them coming back. Your traditional choices have been to work with a PEO or cobble together a set of products offered as a multi-vendor “package.” When partnering with a PEO, you lose control of your client and put future commissions at risk. Multi-vendor packages are complicated and require you to spend more time helping clients navigate vendor roadblocks.  Zuman is the perfect solution for today’s market. Protect your relationship with the premium human resource, payroll and benefits management solution.

Concierge services staffed by credentialed experts to provide ultimate client satisfactionMAYBENONOYES
Single-source solution for human resources, payroll, and benefits administrationYESNOMAYBEYES
Premium service offering for clients who value their employeesNONONOYES
Protects your insurance premium commisionsNOYESNOYES
Offers employee advocacy services for your clientsYESNONOYES
Simplifies compliance with ACA and other benefits and payroll regulationsYESNONOYES
Gives you additional insight into your client’s HR and benefits needsNONONOYES

For HR Consulting Firms

In today’s competitive environment, you need to offer your clients a complete solution for human resources. You built your firm to deliver exceptional HR consulting and compliance services to drive organizational effectiveness. By offering a common technology and service platform your team can efficiently support your clients and deliver strategic value-added services.  


For HR Technology Partners

There are several human resource technology solutions in the marketplace for you to evaluate the right fit for your clients. Matching the right business model to your clients needs is paramount to the success of your project. Zuman’s fully integrated human resource outsourcing model is a perfect fit for your clients who want a single-source solution that combines customer-centric technology with expert, concierge services. Our team has deep domain expertise in building HR systems and processes, giving you confidence that you are bringing the best possible solution to your valued clients.